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Online Professional Counselling

I can help you through your own personal challenges in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment.

Often in life, for each of us, everything can feel too much. The prospect of facing another day can be so exhausting, so overwhelming that we just want the world to stop.

These times – whether they come with stress, anger, sadness, fear or loss – can hit us hard and finding a way through them or coming to some kind of peace about them can seem impossible.

Counselling may well provide the kind of support you’re looking for. A safe, confidential space in which to explore your thoughts and feelings, make some sense of them and find a way to make life feel more rewarding again.

About me

I have been using my SAFE Psychotherapy model for the last 20 years to help my Clients recover from Depression, Anxiety, Bereavement, Relationship Problems, Eating Disorders, OCD, Phobias, Anger Issues & Suicidal Ideation.

My belief is that people are essentially good and we all have an ability to grow emotionally, solve our problems and achieve our potential.

When things go wrong in our lives our “logical mind” goes into “catastrophe mode” and we experience negative thoughts that make us feel stuck, under-confident, frustrated and worried about the future. (i.e: sad, angry and fearful)

As a BACP-Accredited Psychotherapist, I use an Integrative approach to help clients’ feel safer, calmer, more supported and restore their ability to move forward with their lives again.

Video call counselling over Zoom or Skype

Due to social distancing and travel complications, it’s often better to arrange counselling sessions over secure video calls, which I have now been undertaking for many months.

Take our SAFE Stress Questionnaire

Are you unsure if you need counselling? Take our online questionnaire to gain your SAFE score and help in understanding your mood.

Give me a call on 07836 355 900 or email me at
if you would like any further information

All calls and emails are dealt with by me, so are in the strictest confidence.

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